Backed by scientific and medical experts, we offer the best methodology to keep your research and development in fast pace, targeted, productive and secure.


Our mission is to facilitate a knowledge-based platform, where pharmaceuticals and biotech companies can build their partnership with health care communities for the well-being of all. We will pursue this mission through our competitive service platform by promoting knowledge creation, synthesis and exchange, by promoting associations among researchers, stakeholders and pharma partners, and by evolving research and development capacity. 

CliniCan Health Research envisions becoming a leading clinical and health research service provider within the next five years in Canada. 

​Targeted Therapeutics

​Research & Development


​Regulatory Affairs  

We provide specialized regulatory support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, natural product, nutraceutical and other life-science industries, to support the licensing and approval of their product. This includes active liaison with regulatory authorities. 

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CliniCan Health Research provides specialized services to Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies for their therapeutic development. We use intelligent scientific methodologies, involving current Research & Development process, Regulatory requirements and Marketing Research, as per business demand.

Our process follows a defined path with distinctive medical and scientific specificity, in accordance with Health Canada and FDA guidance, compliance & regulatory requirements.

We are a Contract Research Organization (CRO), based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with the goal of addressing unmet medical needs for North American markets and eventually worldwide, ensuring maximum commercialization for our clients.