Dr. Nihar R. Pandey is Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), CliniCan Health Research and serve as CSO for Medipure Pharmaceuticals Inc., Canada. He is PhD in Clinical Biochemistry, with expertise in clinical and regulatory affairs. He has extensive life sciences and pharma experience in the discovery, development, drug formulation, clinical trials and commercialization of drugs and development of inhibitors for the treatment of metabolic disorders, anxiety, learning impairments, and neurodegeneration. For the last 20 years, he is actively involved in pharmaceutical development, associated with Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Pain, Mood disorders, Oncology and Neurodegeneration. He is considered one of the leaders of drug discovery and development associated with these diseases. 


Dr. Rashmi Tiwari-Pandey                                                                                           Dr. Nihar R. Pandey
President                                                                                                                  Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Rashmi Tiwari-Pandey is CliniCan Health Research’s Founder & President. She is PhD in Endocrinology, with expertise in clinical and regulatory affairs (CCRP). She has extensive R&D and Pharma experience and a leader in Clinical and Regulatory affairs.  Her therapeutic area of expertise includes, Cancer Research, Menopause-related disorders, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Reproductive Sciences, Osteoporotic Bone Loss, Cardiac regeneration and Biomaterials & Drug delivery. She is responsible for promoting our business concept as a CRO for cutting edge R&D services, including collaborative and interdisciplinary research between our clients. This role works to develop networks between CliniCan and industry researchers in the public and private sectors locally, nationally, and internationally. She will act as a nexus between CliniCan and the physician community with respect to research and clinical initiatives of mutual benefit.

Addressing Unmet Medical Need

Targeted Therapeutic Area: from “Bench to Bedside”

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Despite our current knowledge and the progress that have been made in the treatment of various diseases, our healthcare and medical community still need to identify the correct interpretation and mechanism of actions for both diseases and therapeutics, using the best methodologies available to treat the variety of diseases. To address the unmet medical need, our objective is to help the pharma and medical community, in identifying and targeting the various therapeutic area, and facilitate innovative therapeutic methods to reduce morbidity and mortality, and to maximize the healthy life span in community.

We are specialized with "bench to bedside" approach in the following therapeutic area to provide R&D, Clinical and Regulatory support: 

·         Cardiovascular Diseases 
·         Metabolic Diseases 
·         Diabetes 
·         Hormone Replacement Therapy 
·         Oncology 
·         Pain Mood Disorders 
·         Arthritis 
·         Psoriasis and Inflammatory Skin Conditions